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Learn More About Sandbox Mode: Alpha

Greetings fellow dwarves! We are excited to announce our biggest update yet, featuring Sandbox Mode: Alpha. Sandbox Mode is built for players who wish to take on the challenge of traveling through Moria free of any linear progression or storyline constraints. Along the way, players will also uncover new environments, new armor and weapons, and experience Moria in a completely reimagined way.

Along with Sandbox Mode, this update includes various UI updates and features, such as single player pause and difficulty settings, an ambient music soundtrack, improvements to the combat system, as well as various bug fixes and other improvements. We have also made enhancements to the building system and implemented new items like ceilings, ornamental building pieces, and decorative objects including rugs and lanterns, granting players the ability to construct more expansive and ornate bases wherever their heart desires.

Sandbox Mode: Players who wish to explore Moria more freely can now experience Sandbox Mode! Sandbox Mode players can expect independent exploration through the mountain, outside of the storyline or linear progression. The various environments in Moria will be randomly interconnected, so dig carefully, you may not be prepared for what comes next. Due to the minimal tutorials and lack of guided progression in this mode, it is recommended for players who are already familiar with Return to Moria or other Survival games.

New Weapons and Armor: Players who choose to participate in Sandbox Mode can discover recipes for 14 new weapons and armor including a Wolf Skin Hat, Gondorian Shield, Khazad Halberd, and Barôkamlut. While these recipes are only discoverable in Sandbox Mode, players can bring new objects into Campaign Mode as long as their dwarf is equipped with them when transferring over.

New Building Parts and Decorations: Spruce up your base with over 100 new building objects, including new cosmetic decorations such as light fixtures, rugs, banners, home furnishings, tables, and chairs.

Building Improvements: Restoring Moria is now easier than ever with the changes made to the stability system as well as improved object snapping. The miscellaneous buildings throughout Moria are now less prone to collapse, expanding players’ ability to build expansive bases where they choose.

Ambient Music: Due to popular demand, we have implemented an ambient music soundtrack to accompany your ventures through Moria. 

Single Player Pause: In an effort to improve solo player experience, those playing offline can now pause the game by hitting “escape” on PC or opening the settings menu. 

Difficulty Settings: Are you having a tough time making it through the mountain, or perhaps you’re looking for more of a challenge? Players can fine-tune the level of difficulty of various aspects of the game including enemy aggression, combat, horde, siege and patrol frequency, world and mining drops, and survival difficulty. 

Map: Our updated map includes color-coded zones, so players can travel between biomes with ease

Multiplayer Connectivity Fixes: We worked to improve multiplayer connectivity, making for a smoother, faster, and easier joining experience.

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements: We resolved various issues that players would experience when playing. For a  more detailed explanation of the update, you can view the Patch Notes here.

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