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Spelldrifter Arrives on Steam February 15!

Good Day, Adventurers!

The team at Free Range Games is excited to announce that Spelldrifter is coming to Steam on February 15th. Get ready to adventure across Starfall, meet and collect new heroes, and build powerful decks.

Spelldrifter combines the puzzle-like positional tactics of a turn-based RPG with the customizability and replayability of a collectible card game. The result: a hybrid, wherein players must juggle the resources at their disposal using both time and space.

“The game successfully blends the positional tactics of a turn-based RPG like Fire Emblem, and layers a deck-building system like Hearthstone or Slay the Spire on top to power your attacks, blocks and other actions.” - IGN

Many of you know Spelldrifter from its previous incarnation, Labyrinth. Did you back the Labyrinth Kickstarter? We didn’t forget about our day one fans. Email us requesting a code at, using the same email address you used as a Kickstarter backer, and we’ll send you a Steam key for the game after it releases. Please allow 5 - 10 business days upon receipt of email for your code.

For more updates on Spelldrifter and our other titles follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

See you in Starfall!

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