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Rube Goldberg Workshop

In Rube Goldberg Workshop, you can make tons of different machines from over 100

components. Go from virtual reality to mixed reality and use objects and surfaces in the real

world as part of your creations. Bounce basketballs off your ceiling and into a set of drums!

Use your kitchen table to set up an epic car stunt jump, equipped with fireworks and all! If you

can imagine it, you can build it. Push the boundaries of your imagination in a game made for

mixed reality.


Made for Mixed Reality: Made for Mixed Reality: Scan your walls, ceiling, and furniture and use them as surfaces.

Pixel Perfect Precision: Pixel Perfect Precision: Tweak your creations with intuitive controls that let you set and stretch tracks at will. Pinch and pull with your fingers with the newest hand tracking features.

Feed Your Ego: Our recording and casting settings make it simple to show off your genius. Reimagine your room and capture your creations using our scene backdrops, so you can share your creations privately and safely.

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