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Rube Goldberg Workshop Update 1.04 - New Objects Added

Hey there to all you builders, tinkerers, and dreamers! We’re rolling out Update 1.04 today and in this update we’re adding new Rube Objects for you to build and play with. Some of the objects are inspired by the cartoons of Rube Goldberg himself.

The first is the Boot Gear. The gear rotates and the boot gives a good kick to objects, sending them in motion.


Next are the Accordion Hatrack, Boxing Glove, and Pivot Hand. You can place the Pivot Hand or Boxing Glove on the Accordion Hatrack to give objects a poke or a punch!

Simple Rube Goldberg Machine with Hattrack

Next up are the Dart and the Knife, for those who like to live dangerously, their pointy ends stick into surfaces.

Also new to Rube Goldberg Workshop are some heavy objects, the Brick and the old-timey Weight. The old-timey weight is a cartoon classic to drop on seesaws or pesky coyotes.

If you like your machines noisy, we’ve added the Bird, who gives a squawk when hit, and the Bell that gives a ring.

We’ve added a couple of new objects that react when hit. The Mousetrap will snap and send some of the light weight objects flying off. The Lightbulb, as you can imagine, lights up.

Lastly, we have the Letter Blocks that are fun to knock around. Try to spell some words with your machines! And finally, the Vacuum Cleaner. It doesn’t clean your space so much as make a chaotic mess with small, light objects. Try it with the ping pong balls!

Thank you all for playing and supporting Rube Goldberg Workshop, we hope you have fun with the new objects released today.

If you want to see more check out our Store Page and our snazzy new trailer.

To stay up to date on Free Range Games and Rube Goldberg Workshop news subscribe to us on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and X. Happy Building!

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